Flat glass means one thing above all for many companies: high costs for packaging, transport and transport damage. FEURER has now brought this problem to an end. With the newly developed Glass-wrap® packaging system, flat glass can be sent as normal freight by carrier or even quite simply as a package.

“A genuine revolution in the logistics of flat glass,” says Markus Feurer, Managing Partner of the FEURER Group, “because Glass-wrap® is a packaging system that saves more than it costs”. Why? The system saves a lot of weight and storage space. For example, much more glass can be packed in a container than with conventional solutions. This therefore automatically reduces the transport and logistics costs.”

The Glass-wrap® packaging system was created through the intensive cooperation between FEURER and Thomas Giller, who works in the construction industry. “My company uses flat glass for high-end products. Up to 25 per cent of potential customers’ orders could not be carried out because of the high transport costs. Sometimes the transport costs were even higher than the value of the glass,” Giller recalls. “That’s why I developed a new packaging system, making it ready for series production with the support of FEURER.”

For the shock-absorbing Glass-wrap® outer frame profile, the material expertise of FEURER is used. Depending on requirements, the frame is available as reusable packaging made of EPP or as disposable packaging made of EPS.

FEURER ensures firm retention in the frame with glass edging profiles made of PE or PP foam. These hold the flat glass panes in position, prevent slipping and reliably separate them from one another. The profiles have proven their worth for years when transporting sensitive parts in the automotive industry. Furthermore, tests have confirmed that the profiles have a high level of material compatibility: the glass is therefore protected against abrasion and chemical reactions.

Anyone who wants to save logistics costs for flat glass can start now: “Since January 2015 Glass-wrap® has been available from us on request,” Feurer reports.