Doubly economical

Value packs are a genuine fast-selling item. Customers are only too happy to grab the double and multiple packs or products with onpacks. Up to now these have mostly been implemented with sleeves. With double labels consisting of foil or paper, FEURER has now developed an economical and attractive alternative to these.

“The labels are particularly advantageous for soft and malleable products such as tubes,” explains Franz Nussbaumer, Head of Sales Co-Packing. “The labels adapt to the product shape better than sleeves. And they stick better to the surface, even if it contains beading, i.e. recesses. In addition, the labels are significantly faster and more economical to produce.”

For an efficient packaging process, FEURER provides the corresponding technical expertise. “There was no ready-made solution for this type of labelling on the market. So we developed the machine ourselves,” explains Nussbaumer. “For the perfect positioning of the labels, many products require individually shaped product carriers. These are also manufactured with great precision at FEURER.”

In addition to double labels and sleeves, FEURER offers a whole range of other effective advertising packaging solutions: gift sets and glued-on pop-ups, flags or fanfolds grab the customers’ attention.