“Flexility® combines all essential expertise for a safe transport solution optimised for a circular economy.”

– Markus Feurer

Informative and well documented:

Project management

We work closely with you to set the right goals in the consultation and planning phase. You benefit from our extensive project database and years of know-how. And don’t worry, we completely document all processes.

Customised and perfected:


We utilise CAD to develop bespoke packaging solutions for our customer products. Following the principle of ecological design and production-oriented development, these solutions are feasible in automated processes and comply with current quality and environmental management standards.

Implemented and rigorously tested:


We convert the CAD models into prototypes using 3D printing, milling and plotting. These then prove their suitability in product, material and transport tests.

Precise and economical:


Modern machinery and professional, well-trained staff – with a high degree of automation, our production is geared towards precision
and high profitability.

Large Load Carriers

Sonderladungsträger GLT mit Schiebegefache


Foldable large load carrier with unique technology for easy handling and loading. The free-hanging, “multi-storey”, sliding textile traysare precisely adapted to the needs of the parts to be loaded and designed for perfect utilisation of the container volume. Loading and unloading takes place on one side from above. The LLC can be provided with a single or multi-coloured imprint on request.

The advantages:

  • Simple sliding system
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Multi-layer loading possible
  • Optional foldable version
  • High packing density


Strong large load carrier with integrated rail system for ergonomic loading and unloading from diagonally in front: The TEXBAG® opens automatically by simply pulling it towards you. FLEXILITY® SLIDERPAK® can also be accessed when stacked. The LLC is ideally suited for large components that cannot be placed from above. FLEXILITY® SLIDERPAK® is available in standard and special sizes.

The advantages

  • For particularly ergonomic work
  • Accessible while stacked
  • Maximum protection and optimal flexibility
  • Standard and special sizes
  • Colour digital print
FEURER Sonderladungsträger mit Schienensystem und Texbag
Faltbarer Großladungsträger


The large load carrier FLEXILITY® CLABOX LLC is foldable – saving space as well as reducing expense and environmental
impact during empty transport. A wide variety of inserts such as EPP, TEXBAG®, STOCO® or INLET® can be used. The load carrier is also flexible when it comes to material: FLEXILITY® CLABOX LLC can be made of plastic or steel. Loading and unloading is done from above or diagonally from the front.

The advantages:

  • Foldable to save space
  • Economical and low-impact empty transport
  • Can be used for various inserts
  • Variably adaptable to customer components


FLEXILITY® COMBI® LCC can be used for a wide range of component shapes. Possible inserts include STOCO®, TEXBAG® or INLET® . Even large components such as interior door panels can be safely carried. The rigid LLC can be designed as a front loader with compartments or as a top loader. The housing is available in steel or plastic versions.

The advantages:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Ideal for large components
  • Housing made of steel or plastic
  • Front loader with fixed compartment
GLT für Autositze

Small load carriers

Extrahoher und leichter Kleinladungsträger


The injection-moulded containers or EPP load carriers with walls made of HKP are stable, stackable SLCs with super light weight and an extra-high design. A variety of plastic materials, imprints as well as individual height dimensions offer a wide range of possibilities. We are happy to use our customers’ used SLC containers – thereby enabling enormous cost-saving potential. The injection-moulded or foamed tops and bottoms can contain different inserts.

The advantages:

  • Lightweight, large-volume small load carriers
  • StackableReduced CO2 footprint
  • Coloured print possible inside and outside
  • Completely made of PP, 100 % recyclable


FLEXILITY® PROFILER® made of HKP material are 30 % lighter than an injection-moulded small load carriers, allowing a much higher payload to be transported. In addition, their enormous flexibility is convincing even with extreme dimensions in height, width and depth. There are practically no limits. The bins are loaded from above and are ideal for transporting door panels, fascias, spoilers, A-pillars and parcel shelves. Optionally, they can be printed.

The advantages:

  • Lighter than injection-moulded containers
  • Flexible shape and dimensions
  • Ideal for large components
  • No tool costs
Leichter KLT mit Stapelrand
Ladungsträger mit Magnet


The high-quality load carriers with magnetic holders are ideal for sensitive goods and transport over difficult road conditions.
Components are particularly easy to insert, and the magnetic holder ensures an extremely secure hold. The MAGNETIC® technology can also be used in small load carriers made of lightweight EPP, in injection-moulded containers or in the FLEXILITY® PROFILER®.

The advantages:

  • Especially secure hold
  • Ideal for difficult road conditions
  • Easy insertion of the components
  • Perfect for sensitive components


FLEXILITY® HIGHLOAD SLCs are designed for extreme loads. Reinforcements made of plastic or steel provide the necessary
stability in the corners. This makes the container ideally suitable for heavy components such as glass roofs, batteries, etc. FLEXILITY® HIGHLOAD reveals its flexibility when inserts are used: STOCO®, TEXBAG® or INLET® can be employed.

The advantages:

  • Reinforced corners
  • High loading and component weights possible
  • Flexible inserts
  • No stanchion frame necessary
Ladungsträger für Batterien und Glasdächer
Leichter Kleinladungsträger mit klemmenden Aufnahmen


FLEXILITY® CUTLER® convinces with a low dead weight and optimal packing density. This makes the container made of full foam EPP suitable for components of all kinds. The optional clamping receptacles ensure a perfect hold. Loading and unloading is done from above. In addition, the small load carrier is available in many shapes. FLEXILITY® CUTLER® can be placed in LLCs or on pallets.

The advantages:

  • Very light
  • Perfect hold thanks to clamping receptacles
  • Ideal for recycling
  • 3 mm lid optional
  • Flexible shapes


The foldable FLEXILITY® CLABOX SLC can be easily folded for empty transport, which significantly reduces costs. The injection-moulded containers can be loaded from above. INLET® or TEXBAG® can be used as inserts.

The advantages:

  • Easy to fold
  • Low volume
  • Economical empty transport
  • Various inserts possible
Kleinladungsträger zum einfachen Zusammenfalten
Kleinladungsträger mit Stapelrand, der keine Bänderung braucht


The very light FLEXILITY® CROCO® absorbs lateral forces during transport thanks to the toothed CROCO® stacking edge. This does away with the need for banding. The container can be designed directly with precisely fitting receptable geometries or optionally with our unique, patented click system – for extremely firm hold of Texbag® inserts, all components are recyclable. FLEXILITY® CROCO® is made with zero clearance technology, which allows
for accurate stacking.

The advantages:

  • Low weight for high packing density
  • High static and dynamic stability
  • No banding necessary
  • Strong hold
  • No adhesive joints


The space wonder among SLCs: FLEXILITY® MAGIC® reduces volume by about 50 percent for empty transport. This is made possible by rotated stacking thanks to the special container shape. Plus, no banding is necessary when transporting empty. The clamping component receptacle is available as an option for a particularly firm hold.

The advantages:

  • Unique rotated stacking
  • Approx. 50 % less volume for empty transport
  • Lightweight and recyclable
  • Good hold of the components
  • Clamping component receptacle possible
EPP Kleinladungsträger für volumenreduzierten Rücktransport
EPP Ladungsträger für Roboter


Optimised for automated handling. Toughened surfaces facilitate lifting with vacuum cups. For maximum stacking precision, injection mouldings can be fitted to compensate for the tolerance of EPP. In addition, high-contrast colours are possible to facilitate orientation by robots. FLEXILITY® ROBO® is suitable for roller conveyors. It can be used with stanchion racks or with reinforced corners on a pallet. Optional lids in the container system show whether the container is full or empty.

The advantages:

  • Suitable for robots
  • Suitable for roller conveyors
  • Toughened surfaces
  • High contrast areas possible
  • High loads possible


FLEXILITY® COMBI® SLC can be used for a wide variety of component shapes. Possible inserts include STOCO®, TEXBAG® or INLET®. For the COMBI®, we offer a very large selection of our material and technology portfolio to deliver packaging tailored to the component. Your component determines whether the SLC is injection-moulded, foamed or assembled and which inserts fit best with which material.

The advantages:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Many variants and inserts possible
  • Top loader
Maßgeschneiderter Sonderladungsträger, individuell zusammengestellt aus einem großem Material- und Technologieportfolio


Gefache für Kleinladungsträger


The interchangeable insert is an installed or mounted structure – providing partitioned compartments made of different materials such as solid board or plastic with or without coatings. Can be used in SLCs and LLCs. FLEXILITY® STOCO® is stackable.

The advantages:

  • Interchangeable
  • Large selection of materials
  • Insert for SLC and LLC
  • Stackable


Interchangeable, sewn structure of various textile fabrics for receiving components standing or hanging. The pockets adapt to the shape of the component. Different materials are possible on the individual inner sides of a pocket. Can be used in SLCs and LLCs.

The advantages:

  • Sewn textile dividers made of various materials
  • Hanging or standing pockets
  • Adapts to component
  • Sliding version possible
Genähtes Gefache aus Textil
Einsatz für KLT mit bauteilgenauen Aufnahmen


FLEXILITY® INLET® is the most adaptable to components. Whether in foamed form, deep-drawn or built from corrugated plastic, they have receptacles perfectly dimensioned for the relevant parts, making them ideal for sensitive or large components such as centre consoles, fascia panels, spoilers, monitors, etc.

The advantages:

  • Foamed or built from corrugated plastic
  • Highly adaptable to components
  • Interchangeable
  • For sensitive, large components

FLEXILITY® is the new benchmark when it comes to load carriers and returnable packaging.