More flexibility for design engineers, more functionality for car drivers, lower costs in manufacturing – even in seemingly fine details such as the sun visor cores, there is also a lot of innovative potential. FEURER has, from the very beginning, completely utilised this potential for one automotive refiner and notably included it in the development of the new sun visor core: there has been close cooperation, starting from preliminary discussions on prototype parts to the first machine-produced parts and series production.

When automotive companies develop new models, optimisations are made not only on the main components such as the engine or car body. For more than 25 years; FEURER has been manufacturing sun visor cores. Thanks to its industry and product know-how, FEURER remains the competent development partner for automotive companies worldwide.

Meanwhile, the EPP material used for the sun visor cores convinces not only because of its low weight, long durability and appealing haptics. It also renders decisive advantages in its further processing: compared to other processes, such as injection moulding, the manufacturing process with EPP half shells employed by FEURER achieves a significantly more appealing surface on the finished sun visor. In this process, the EPP core consists of a top and a bottom part. Between these half shells, an injection mould filler is inserted, for example, with a mirror, lighting and micro-switch and the complete “package” is then covered with a film, fabric or leather.

Additional benefit: The EPP manufacturing process is safer for the environment than the formerly used PU foam. This way, sun visors manufactured with this technology can later be dismantled into their individual components and be recycled.

Furthermore, we have collaborated to investigate weaknesses. Bars that used to be too thin or scruffy material transitions have been optimised. The result is a quick concept development from the first idea up to readiness for the series manufacturing of an end product that convinces with its design and quality, while also employing a substantially more efficient production process.