Kosmetik Adventskalender verpacken

Every year …

Filling Advent calendars is a challenge in terms of packaging technology. Especially when the filling does not consist of rigid contents but of parts that slide easily, such as sachets. A process specially developed by FEURER ensures that all contents sit at exactly the right spot. Even if they have different sizes or are difficult to handle.

Franz Nußbaumer, CoPacking Sales Area Manager, explains the differences: “FEURER has developed an item-specific production line. In this process, a hot glue system fixates the individual pieces in a fully automated process after they are filled.”

Additionally, the deep drawing tray that takes up the products is glued together with the front side of the Advent calendar. This increases stability and simplifies the opening of the calendar doors.

FEURER took on the co-packaging of Advent calendars for a leading cosmetics corporation in its Muggensturm facility. Because the production time plays a crucial role for Advent calendars, the automated process of FEURER offers a further advantage: the complete campaign can be realised quickly and in closest adherence to the schedule. This way, FEURER guarantees with its automated contracted packaging that the Advent calendars arrive at the POS on time – and at a convincing price-performance rate.