Shrink films for extreme packaging sizes

Not only logistical and ecological decisions are crucial for choosing a certain type of packaging. Safety, stability and aesthetic are important too. Shrink packaging offers an optimal solution for many products. At FEURER, this is also possible for extreme sizes.

Shrink films convince with the most varied of requirements. For example, they offer a safe, space-saving and material-saving method of sales-promoting individual packaging at the point-of-sale. They show that the product is new and unopened and also protect against moisture and dirt. But this type of packaging often fails when it comes to products of large dimensions. Not at FEURER. With our fully automatic shrink wrap machine at the Muggensturm plant, items with a side length of up to 700 mm are shrink-wrapped and packaged.

And the length? “That’s actually unlimited”, explains Franz Nußbaumer, Head of sales at division CoPacking. “Because the products move in a film tube, we also handle extreme lengths. For example, we handle curtain rods or similar formats. Most competitors have to switch to semi-automatic or manual machines”.

The fully automatic operation ensures a time-saving and efficient packaging: wrapping, sealing and shrinking is done in one work step. This saves time and, in addition to large throughput volumes, ensures the highest care and quality. Besides, the machines are very flexible and so usable for virtually all industries and products. From electronic components to textiles, from pharmaceutical products to printed products.