Achieving at a prototype in five days

In the lead-up to any series production, prototypes are indispensable. The sooner these are available, the better. Therefore, FEURER has reorganised its development centre and further improved it with comprehensive investments in capacity. It takes merely five days from the acceptance of the order to the receive of the model part.

Be it load carriers or components for the automotive industry, components for insulation or packaging for consumer and industrial goods: production and logistics processes can be tested, planned and optimised most efficiently by means of samples and CAD models. The time available to business for the development and launch of new products is becoming increasingly shorter. Thus, speed is of the essence especially for prototypes.

The result: The prototype construction of standard parts is completed at FEURER in just five days. And this is the period starting from the order acceptance, covering development and construction, production, and delivery. This is made possible in model building by means of the expanded, modern machinery as well as a great team of engineers, technicians and mechanics, who have been joined by additional staff, and a near paperless workflow.

The process flow until the model ready for series production is obtained works as follows:

Day 1 – Order acceptance: A FEURER customer manager visits the customer directly on site.

Day 2 – Project planning: The FEURER development centre defines the further steps from development to delivery of the prototype.

Day 3 – Design: A development engineer designs a virtual 3D model, creates the 3D data and draws the model part.

Day 4 – Modelbuilding: The individual components of the prototype are built, assembled, tested and documented.

Day 5 – Receipt: The customer manager takes the model part to the customer in person. He receives the release for series production or a change request from the customer.

Only five days to the finished model – now, is that not something you can envision for your next prototype?