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Automotives: for greater dynamism in a mobile world

The automotive sector is one of the most innovative industries of all. Worldwide, the market now expects modern vehicle engineering, stylish design and a wide range of automobile models. Developments and production processes are just as dynamic. So it’s just as well that car manufacturers have a partner by their side to support these processes. With intelligent solutions that make for greater efficiency in terms of logistics and car manufacture. FEURER offers optimised load carriers specifically for use in the automotive segment. Individually aligned with the respective processes and designed for optimum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to well-grounded solutions for load carriers, FEURER specialises in geometrically precise EPP moulded parts. The components’ outstanding material properties make them a compelling choice, and they protect vehicles and their occupants – for instance when configured as crash absorbers or head rests. FEURER offers special services for the automotive after-market – for instance, POS packaging.

Our services at a glance:

  • Development
  • Project management
  • Production
  • Prototyping

Individual load carrier solutions for your automotive products:

  • shrouds
  • cover grille for loudspeaker
  • covers for dashboard
  • covers for mudguards
  • covers for switches
  • sealings
  • exhaust manifold
  • storage compartment
  • forearm rests
  • exterior mirrors
  • car seats
  • battery
  • covers
  • brake pedals
  • brake discs
  • carbon parts
  • roof spoiler
  • packing
  • displays
  • spring struts
  • round nozzles
  • glass roofs
  • belt pretensioners
  • halogen lamps
  • taillights
  • parcel shelf
  • interior roof
  • interior lining
  • cold air intake
  • trunk trim
  • combined instrument
  • radiator grille
  • radiator grille
  • Painted component
  • luminaires
  • lighting modules
  • metal core board
  • centre console
  • engine cover
  • motor armature
  • oil pipeline
  • radios
  • wheel arch loop
  • backseat bench
  • tail light
  • rearview mirror
  • switch block
  • headlamps
  • sunroof frame
  • side flanks
  • side windows
  • side spoilers
  • seats
  • visors
  • sun blind
  • spoilers
  • stabilizer
  • controller
  • shock absorber
  • fuel tank
  • tank filler neck
  • door covers
  • door lining
  • doorknobs
  • door opener
  • door protection strips
  • roll bars
  • wiper
  • wiper arms
  • wiper blades
  • decorative trims
  • trim strips
  • cylinder head covers

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Packaging Automotive Load carrier Large load carrier Protection Transport Components

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Packaging Automotive Load carrier Large load carrier Protection Transportation Components Use

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