Keeping Your Cool

Temperature-resistant, sturdy and extremely light: The KÄNGABOX® displays its strengths wherever the transport of fresh food is required. Now the Thermobox made by FEURER also forms part of the freshness concept of Migros Basel in Switzerland: As a special production it ensures that freshly prepared sandwiches reliably reach the refrigerated counter.

“A Euro pallet as well as a Gastronorm: For Migros we have fulfilled two dimensional requirements at the same time,” says Sven Schäufele, sales representative in the Packaging Division. “As the basic model for Migros we have therefore selected the KÄNGABOX® Tower. The front loader with the high format is ideal for inserting GN trays and GN containers behind one another and fits perfectly on Euro pallets.”

Other advantages come into play during everyday use: Thanks to their special surface structure, the Thermoboxes are easy to clean. The patented closing system ensures a perfect seal and is also extremely robust. Furthermore, the stability has been increased – for maximum safety during transport.

When it comes to weight, the specially developed Thermobox also has advantages to offer: “Compared to the old system at Migros, we have achieved tremendous weight savings of over 8 kg,” explains Schäufele. “As a result we have simplified the handling and reduced transport costs. Now we look forward to receiving the positive customer feedback. Our Thermoboxes are successfully in use and receiving very positive feedback.”