• ECO Design for the industry

    Reversible container Eco ReturnBox – an innovative packaging concept for automotive components

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  • ECO Return Box

    The green transport cost savers.
    Making themselves small. Without folding and without disassembling.
    EPP special load carriers from FEURER.

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  • For pharmaceuticals, chemical dispatch and laboratories

    FEURER presents the world’s first
    airpop® dangerous goods packaging without outer carton.

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  • KombiBox

    Upcycling – From old to new
    Sustainable use of used injection molded containers

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  • Beauty and the best

    Full service packaging. For Cosmetic Products.

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    Packaging Packaging solution CoPacking cosmetics Contract packer Beauty
  • Next generation packaging

    FEURER. With full service at the
    safe side – from planning to shipping.

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    Packaging CoPacking Contract packer Contract packaging Healthcare

    KÄNGABOX® – made by FEURER.
    Doesn’t just keep contents fresh; it’s robust, too.

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    Packaging Insulating container Insulating container Insulating box Thermobox Catering Baker Butcher Pizza Cake

    Our mission: protecting your products

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    Protect products Packaging Packaging solution Protection Transport
  • Load carriers

    Stack it up first. And then make it thin.
    Reusable transport packaging from FEURER.

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  • Protecting Automotive

    FEURER. Protects your car. And your life.

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    Packaging Molded parts Components