Special edition thermobox for food safety and handling convenience

The blue colour combination means: everything in this thermobox stays fresh. Or more specifically, cold food stays cold,  and hot food stays hot, while spoilage is prevented . But not only the crisp blue colour is new: entirely in keeping with food safety, the special edition KÄNGABOX®Professional comes with new features.

KÄNGABOX®FreshBlue Professional:

the special edition thermobox for food safety and handling convenience

More freshness

The newly developed knobs at the bottom of the thermobox allow an enhanced hot/cold flow – ideal for supporting cold chains according to HACCP standards. It is even possible to measure this : when keeping food cold or hot between -40°C and +100°C, the temperature drops or increases by only 1 – 3 °C per hour on average.

More hygiene

Food safety is also a question of sterility. That’s why the KÄNGABOX®FreshBlue Professional has also been optimised when it comes to hygiene. The new stacking feet on the bottom and stacking rim in the lid prevent contamination while ensuring stack stability. Thanks to the water drainage hole in the handle, the KÄNGABOX®FreshBlue Professional is completely dry when taking it out of the dishwasher .

More convenience

Large, comfortable handles and an empty weight of only 1.9 kg ensure that the thermobox is easy to carry even when heavily loaded. As always, the thermobox features the standard GN1/1 Gastronorm format and convenient recessed handles for removing Gastronorm containers.

The special edition also offers the proven benefits of the KÄNGABOX®Professional: such as the smooth, coated, hygienic surface, the tight-sealing lid and the convenient label fields. All in all, the KÄNGABOX®FreshBlue Professional thus offers more food safety and handling convenience for the gastronomy and catering industry, as well as for the food retail trade  and cold chain logistics.

Thermobox food safety

“Safe food” is the trend : avoiding food waste is good for the environment and the community, and, not least, saves money . FEURER is launching the KÄNGABOX®FreshBlue Professional precisely for these reasons. The insulation box made from exceptionally light EPP is characterised by excellent insulation properties, a high level of hygiene and additional convenience.

Have we piqued your interest?

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KÄNGABOX® FreshBlue Professional with a new blue colour combination

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