Whether in drug stores, department stores or supermarkets – beauty is booming. However, with the increasing variety of cosmetic products, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to grab the customers’ attention. Only products which are attractively packaged end up in the shopping cart. Cosmetics manufacturers therefore rely on the packaging expertise of FEURER.

As a specialist in co-packing, FEURER offers a broad packaging portfolio for the beauty field. Attractiveness and cost-effectiveness, perfection and rapid availability go hand in hand with all solutions. Customers benefit from the comprehensive services for floor and counter displays, gift sets and onpacks. This is supplemented by packaging by blister, sachet or cellophane coating. Affixed or plugged-in pop-ups, flags, labels and fanfolds complete the range.

Or rather, complete the range for the time being: “The cosmetics market is constantly growing,” remarks Franz Nußbaumer, Head of Sales Co-Packing, “and the FEURER machine park is growing with it. In the last few months we have been investing in new labellers for the fully automatic attachment of fanfolds and labels.” We are also planning a new machine for the fully automatic adhesion of sachets to cards.

“We at FEURER do not see ourselves merely as co-packers, but as full-service partners for our customers,” says Nußbaumer, “because we take over all of the work for our customers.” For example in the case of sales displays. Here, FEURER takes over the development and transport tests, the selection of the suppliers and purchasing of the packaging materials, the packaging process and delivery – including return collection from retailers and environmentally-friendly disposal.

And that is by no means all: In addition to existing solutions, FEURER develops innovative tailor-made packaging. With the help of 3D CAD technology and rapid prototyping, packaging samples are created and implemented in the form of prototypes at the company’s own development centre.