FEURER packaging

Excellently Packaged

With Glass-wrap®, FEURER has revolutionised the packaging of flat glass – it is now safer, simpler and more affordable. In November 2015, the process won the PackTheFuture Award, making it the only prize winner in the category of product protection.

Solutions receiving the prestigious PackTheFuture Award meet high standards – standards that are foremost sustainable, creative and innovative just like Glass-wrap®. Glass-wrap® is an extremely light-weight, highly stable packaging for flat glass. This gives manufacturers, finishers and processors of glass the added benefits of safety and cost savings.

The principle: Reinforced moulded foam parts are plugged together like a picture frame and fixated with a tensioning belt. This way, even corners and edges – the most sensitive zones of the glass panes – are ideally protected. This is a particularly important feature, as a mechanical point load can cause glass breakage especially during handling and transport. One push or shove when setting down the glass pane on a hard surface is enough to cause breakage. So is any impact of a hard object on the edge, such as a glass pane bumping or turning/tilting on the edge that is set down. Incorrect handling on transport frames may cause breakage, too. Such damage belongs to the past thanks to Glass-wrap®.

But Glass-wrap® can even do more: It allows, for example, glass panes to be stacked safely on top of each other or placed side-by-side. This makes handling easier and saves a lot of space in the warehouse, during transport or at the construction site. Glass-wrap® is suitable for shipping of any kind.

And after use? Simply pull it apart, return it in the reduced size and it is ready for reuse.

This standardised modular packaging system simplifies transport, handling, storing, and assembly of flat glass. “The award is a confirmation of our successful work. With Glass-wrap® we have developed a system for flat glass that provides protection, simplifies logistics and increases safety,” said Mario Luettecke, CEO of Glass-wrap®. “And it is a system that all flat glass manufacturers can use. Be it for window panes or mirrors, or even solar or insulating glass.”

The PackTheFuture Award was created from an initiative by Elipso, the French association for plastic packaging and flexible packaging, by the German IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. [German Industry Association of Plastic Packaging]. The prize was awarded by an expert jury presided by Prof Dr Horst-Christian Langowski, the Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for process engineering and packaging. “The large number of participants emphasises the innovative power of the plastic packaging industry,” said Jury Chairman Prof Dr Horst-Christian Langowski.