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We have a clear mission: Protecting Products. Your products need to be protected – from pressure and damage, or from heat and cold. To this end, we develop and produce intelligent solutions in the sphere of logistics and packaging logistics. Our products can be found wherever a premium is placed on efficiency in production, logistics and trade. For instance, you will find us in the European automotive industry, on shelves in the shops of reputed brand manufacturers or favoured by catering companies.

We are here for you:

  • as a development hub
  • as a production partner for load carriers, packaging and moulded parts
  • as a co-packing service provider for contract packaging

Remaining flexible in a constantly changing market

Products are constantly being developed and manufactured anew across all industries. Regardless of whether you are seeking secure and efficient solutions on this front as a producer or a trading company, not only are we an experienced development service provider and manufacturer, we are – above all – a reliable and affordable partner. Whatever you ask us to do for you: We know that each of your components has its very own set of requirements in terms of quality, as well as its own trajectory that brings with it specific features and specifications. This is why each of our solutions is unique. All our packaging is customised. We consistently focus on optimal protection, perfect handling and an efficient cost structure. To this end, we support our customers from the conceptualisation stage, through parts sampling, right through to serial production. This is equally true of our full-service package that we offer as a contract packaging provider – for instance, specific to consumer goods in the cosmetics and healthcare industry. It also applies to the development and production of foamed, pre-fabricated parts, such as sun visors or crash absorbers, or even insulated boxes and insulated casings.

Proactively catering to our customers’ mandates

FEURER is led by a well-established team: Markus Feurer and Dr Rolf Gerstner. In all, our family enterprise now employs close to 800 members of staff and we are partners with a number of reputed companies in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. In the U.S., for instance, we have enjoyed a close and successful collaborative alliance over the past two decades with Bradford Company, an organisation headquartered in Holland, Michigan. Whatever your needs in the areas of packaging and logistics might be – we will make them ours and develop forward-looking, cost-effective solutions.

Our passion for pack(ag)ing
Packing was the grande passion of the company’s founder Walter Feurer. A passion that carried over to the entire family. And not just in the company setting: This is a passion that rules the roost, too. For instance, if the car needs to be loaded, a suitcase packed or provisions clearly arranged in the kitchen cabinet.

For FEURER, “Protecting Products” means:

We ensure the protection of…

  • … small parts, such as halogen lamps, relays or ornamental frames
  • … large parts, such as car seats, glass roofs or door panels
  • … coated parts, such as exterior mirrors or bumpers
  • … heavy parts, such as wishbones or HGV cylinders
  • … delicate parts, such as flat glass, incandescent lamps or LEDs
  • … perishable goods, such as cold or hot foodstuffs
  • … parts with unusual dimensions
  • … dust-sensitive parts
  • … parts prone to theft
  • … touch-sensitive components

Throughout our operations, we ensure…

  • … high packing density
  • … stable storage
  • … automated handling
  • … low-weight packaging
  • … high loadbearing capacity
  • … low volumes during return shipping
  • … ergonomic loading and unloading
  • … clearly configured loading and unloading
  • … cost savings specific to transportation
  • … cost savings specific to storage
  • … cost savings in terms of investments


Markus Feurer

Markus Feurer

Chairman of the Board of Management

“Flexibility is non-negotiable” – The fourth-generation Managing Director knows that changes within the market are replete not just with present-day challenges, but – above all – future opportunities.

Dr. Rolf Gerstner

Dr. Rolf Gerstner

Production and Engineering

„Zero tolerance when it comes to tolerances” – This holder of a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering is convinced that the highest standards of quality constitute the best foundation for customer satisfaction.



For maximum economy. For best quality. For maximum flexibility. There is a simple reason why we think in our customers’ language: only in this way can we offer integrated solutions. Our motivated and well-trained employees focus on what advances our customers. With unique know-how in a wide variety of technologies built up over decades.


With our products. With our service. In our thoughts and actions. We concentrate on our core competencies. That means: We don’t do everything. But what we do, we do really well. And so that our customers gain real competitive advantages. For example, by optimizing and combining individual solutions – to create the best and most economical overall solution.


During the consultation. During development. In production. We prove maximum flexibility and speed in every phase and deliver the right products at the right time. We achieve this, for example, with our own high production width and depth. With direct contact to our customers and with in-house cooperation via flat hierarchies. Thus decisions are made quickly and in a short time.


For you. For our employees. For the environment. That is why solutions for the moment are not our thing. And that is why the owner takes personal responsibility. Everything we do focuses on sustainability and responsible social action. For example, we have significantly reduced the use of non-regenerative resources at the process level and at the same time significantly increased the proportion of regrind in the plastics used.





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