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Healthcare packaging is challenging and can be developed and economically manufactured only when holistic solutions are applied. This is why FEURER is familiar not only with processes in the healthcare industry, but also with those prevailing in the markets. Both at a national and global level. And this is why we know how important development and integration are for economic success. Extensive industry expertise is reflected in the services that FEURER provides. We work on products, systems and processes in conjunction with manufacturers and research institutions in order to meet increasing demands in terms of safety, hygiene and efficiency. For applications that keep emerging and have continuously changing requirements.

With our comprehensive expertise in terms of materials and processes, we offer packaging solutions that are individually aligned with the medical product. In this way, we can protect all products in the best possible way. Of course, by adopting aligned processes.

FEURER offers a comprehensive portfolio for the healthcare sector: from coolers, through packaging for the mass market, as well as for the OTC segment. In this area, we offer the usual comprehensive FEURER full-service package with the attendant options for storing medicines in compliance with the German Medicines Act (AMG).

Our services at a glance:

  • Development
  • Project management
  • Production
  • Prototyping

Our products

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airpop® Dangerous goods and insulation packaging

Advent calendar

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Packaging Healthcare Pharma Packaging


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Shrink wrapping