For a better world

As a company, it is our responsibility not only to pursue economic success but also to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. At FEURER, we have committed ourselves to actively pursuing the United Nations’ sustainability goals and contributing to a more sustainable future. Of the 17 UN sustainability goals, we have set our sights on ten, which encompass both ecological and social objectives.

Ecological Goals in Focus

In the matter of ecological goals, we focus on clean energy, innovation, sustainable production, climate protection, and water efficiency. By implementing measures such as installing a photovoltaic system in Brackenheim and implementing CO2 savings in various areas, we actively address environmental issues.

Social Responsibility

Furthermore, we place great importance on social responsibility. Health, education, gender equality, and peace are of significant concern to us. We firmly believe that a sustainable future can only be achieved through a holistic consideration of these social aspects.

Partnerships for Change

An essential part of our sustainability strategy is forming partnerships. We are convinced that we can best achieve our sustainability goals by working together with other companies, organizations, and the community. Through such partnerships, we can pool our knowledge and resources to effect more substantial and lasting changes.

Transparency and Progress

To make our progress transparent and publicly document our commitments, we plan to introduce a reporting system. This system will allow us to make our sustainability efforts and achievements accessible to all.

Long-Term Goals

Our long-term goal is to be climate-neutral by 2039. While this is an ambitious goal, we pursue it with determination and commitment. By continuing to develop innovative solutions, implementing efficient technologies, and collaborating with others, we are confident that we can reach this goal.

At FEURER, we firmly believe that companies play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. We are proud to play our part and will continue to work to make positive changes for the environment and society.

Advent calendar

On 1 December of each year it starts all over again: the countdown to Christmas. For 24 days impatient children’s hands and eyes move towards the Advent calendar. The excitement is great. All the greater is the disappointment when the surprise slips behind a door or is even missing. What if the compartments are so difficult to open that only brute force helps and the calendar tears. Through such incidents a large part of the daily joy is lost. Inferior Advent calendars of this kind are not an isolated incident. Again and again, poor planning and confection lead to bad evaluations.

Which services does FEURER offer?

As a specialist for packaging, FEURER offers its customers reliable quality even for the Christmas season. It is noticeable that even a tradition like the Advent calendar can be further developed and improved. Every calendar is mostly created in-house. From the development, packaging and manufacturing to the transport, nothing is left to chance. Precise gluing ensures that the contents cannot slip later. And because control is better than trust, FEURER has developed a testing procedure that uses a camera to scrutinise each calendar, checking it for completeness and providing an archive image. By means of a concealed individual serial number, each copy can be precisely identified and traced back to the end customer later on. The FEURER solution is also characterized by its cost-effectiveness: Highly efficient production lines and fully automatic inline gluing (between lid and tray) make the entire process as economical as possible.

Latest trends

Apart from the high quality standard there are of course further developments that FEURER takes up. Mr. Nußbaumer, Head of Sales, says: “Apart from the combination of lid and tray, there are other formats such as calendars that can be opened like a book. For a customer from the DIY sector, we are producing a cube with doors on each side. We are also working on an innovation to be able to do without plastic in the inlay. What is already possible today: FEURER fulfils its customers’ every special wish. Refinements such as cellophaning are just as possible as colored thermoformed inlays, embossing, hot and cold foil lamination, soft-touch or spot varnishes.”

Demand is increasing

Although the calendars from FEURER are not used for sweets, they still make children’s hearts beat faster: Boxes filled with toys are enjoying growing popularity, just as the overall demand for Advent calendars has increased. And with it the demands on size and material of the packaging. For a long time now it has no longer been just about the little ones. Even the adult world does not want to do without the ritual. Calendars from FEURER, filled with cosmetics or tools, are just the beginning. Then December 1st can come.

Robots swear by FEURER

A load carrier as a functional part in automated production – for Mercedes-Benz FEURER has made this vision come true: A load carrier for panoramic roofs has been precisely adapted to the requirements of industrial robots and ensures interference-free processes in automobile production.

Harald Cornet, sales manager in the field of load carriers, has overcome a major challenge for Mercedes-Benz: “The need was for a load carrier that could be drawn in by a vacuum by industrial robots. For this, the robots need completely smooth contact surfaces for their suckers.” The surface of EPP carriers tends to be rather rough. With fatal consequences: “If a robot could not reliably lift the load carrier, the belt stood still at first,” Cornet recalls. “Even glued-on plastic sheets were not stable enough over the long run.” Read more

WorldStar Award 2019 for FEURER

The world’s first EPS hazardous goods packaging without outer carton receives the WorldStar Award 2019, the highest global award in the packaging industry. Only the best ideas, innovations and technologies get the chance to participate in this competition.

The award-winning product in the Packaging Materials & Components category is a hazardous goods and insulation packaging made of airpop®. A packaging concept especially for dangerous and liquid goods of packaging classes I, II and III in inner packaging. Advantage of the packaging: The shock-resistant airpop ® does not need an outer packaging made of cardboard. Category X hazardous goods packaging for goods in packaging group I offers several advantages:

  • Approved by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM).
  • Flexible in use due to the modular design.
  • Extremely impact-resistant and 100% recyclable due to the material used, airpop®.
  • Shipping without outer carton.
  • Accelerated packaging process, reduced shipping volume and cost reduction for shipping and disposal.

The packaging concept consists of a modular system. Bottom, intermediate rings and lid can be individually assembled to suit the goods and conditions of transport. This results in the smallest possible volume and reduces transport costs. A real benefit for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, chemical shipping, laboratories and all those who ship hazardous materials cooled.