Achieving at a prototype in five days

In the lead-up to any series production, prototypes are indispensable. The sooner these are available, the better. Therefore, FEURER has reorganised its development centre and further improved it with comprehensive investments in capacity. It takes merely five days from the acceptance of the order to the receive of the model part.

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Robots swear by FEURER

A load carrier as a functional part in automated production – for Mercedes-Benz FEURER has made this vision come true: A load carrier for panoramic roofs has been precisely adapted to the requirements of industrial robots and ensures interference-free processes in automobile production.

Harald Cornet, sales manager in the field of load carriers, has overcome a major challenge for Mercedes-Benz: “The need was for a load carrier that could be drawn in by a vacuum by industrial robots. For this, the robots need completely smooth contact surfaces for their suckers.” The surface of EPP carriers tends to be rather rough. With fatal consequences: “If a robot could not reliably lift the load carrier, the belt stood still at first,” Cornet recalls. “Even glued-on plastic sheets were not stable enough over the long run.” Read more

With efficiency in pole position

80 automotive components – and 80 customised load carriers: In an unprecedented project, FEURER is working for a renowned French automobile manufacturer as a full-service provider in the field of load carriers. “Every component of the model is packaged with a custom-fit solution from our company,” explains Markus Feurer, Managing Partner of the FEURER Group. In the factory, the load carriers are an integral part of the production logistics and ensure optimum protection of the components.

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