With EPP in the fast lane

Around twelve million standard automotive parts made from EPP are produced annually by FEURER. Most of them are used for sun visor cores and crash pads. The light weight, cost-effectiveness and heat insulation capacity of the EPP components makes them attractive for further fields of application: “Since February 2013 FEURER has been producing insulating elements for battery consoles for the VW Group,” reports Ray Schiefner, Project Manager in the Automotive Division.

The battery console serves as thermal insulation between the vehicle body and the battery. “This means the battery is protected from the cold,” explains Schiefner. FEURER produces the insulating elements at the production site in Schwarzheide and supplies them to the Tier 1 of a renowned German OEM. There they are mounted on injection moulded parts. “In this process, the OEM relies 100% on the high fitting accuracy and perfection of our EPP elements. And that is important because the battery console has a very complex structure. Not least our high level of delivery reliability is important,” says Schiefner.

At present the battery consoles are installed in numerous models of VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda. “And there are certain to be more,” is the prospect held out by Schiefner. “Production is planned up to the year 2022.”