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Keeping Your Cool

Temperature-resistant, sturdy and extremely light: The KÄNGABOX® displays its strengths wherever the transport of fresh food is required. Now the Thermobox made by FEURER also forms part of the freshness concept of Migros Basel in Switzerland: As a special production it ensures that freshly prepared sandwiches reliably reach the refrigerated counter.

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For the cold chain of the future

MAX is 1.90 m tall, a reliable type and an expert in fresh or frozen foods. Last year he lost 65 kg and has since then been transporting dairy products, fruit and vegetables in an even more environmentally friendly and ergonomic manner. MAX is a thermocontainer of the latest generation which has been developed jointly by FEURER and Olivo.

For over 50 years the French company Olivo has been producing cooling containers for the transport of food and healthcare products at a precisely controlled temperature. For the new MAX generation, Olivo has once more completely revised the thermocontainer concept. It was first of all analysed what was expected from a thermocontainer of the future: Stable temperatures, safe handling, simple ergonomics and a long service life were right at the top of the list. With the support of FEURER, Olivo tackled these requirements and incorporated them into the development of MAX.

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