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With EPP in the fast lane

Around twelve million standard automotive parts made from EPP are produced annually by FEURER. Most of them are used for sun visor cores and crash pads. The light weight, cost-effectiveness and heat insulation capacity of the EPP components makes them attractive for further fields of application: “Since February 2013 FEURER has been producing insulating elements […]

With efficiency in pole position

80 automotive components – and 80 customised load carriers: In an unprecedented project, FEURER is working for a renowned French automobile manufacturer as a full-service provider in the field of load carriers. “Every component of the model is packaged with a custom-fit solution from our company,” explains Markus Feurer, Managing Partner of the FEURER Group. […]

For the cold chain of the future

MAX is 1.90 m tall, a reliable type and an expert in fresh or frozen foods. Last year he lost 65 kg and has since then been transporting dairy products, fruit and vegetables in an even more environmentally friendly and ergonomic manner. MAX is a thermocontainer of the latest generation which has been developed jointly […]