ECO Return Box – The SLC with the green footprint

The ECO Return Box SLC is a stable, handy reusable special load carrier made of EPP. With convincing advantages in empties logistics and the best result in the total cost balance of load carrier concepts. Two containers nest completely into each other and thereby achieve a volume reduction of 50 percent. And all this with a single twisting movement from the wrist. Thanks to sophisticated interlocking and base form structures, there is no need to strap the empties. The SLC stand on a pallet and do not need a mesh box.

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Helps save 50 % of volume in empties logistics

Avoiding and improving freight transport is one of the goals of sustainable logistics. However, this also includes the efficient return transport of reusable transport containers. For foamed EPP load carriers, this has so far only been possible to a limited extent, namely with a folding mechanism and laborious handling. This is now a thing of the past. The ECO Return Box consists of one piece and reduces its volume as empties by 50 percent. A world novelty on the EPP totes market.

Advantages at a glance: 

  • Saves approx. 50 % in height when stacking
  • Saves approx. 50 % of space in the empties warehouse
  • Saves approx. 50 % of time and effort in the flow of empties material in production and in the warehouse
  • Saves approx. 50 % of transport volume during return transport
FEURER Eco Return Box Load carrier concept

Saves money

In a total cost comparison of load carrier concepts, the logistics solution of the ECO Return Box often shows the best results. Thanks to the 50% reduction in volume, the financial expenditure for transport, handling and storage is reduced. Let us persuade you with a total cost comparison for your particular project.

Advantages at a glance: 

  • Saves costs in the utilization cycle of empty transport
  • Saves costs for the storage of empties
  •  Saves costs in handling the empties


Saves CO2 and protects the environment

Thanks to the reduction in volume, the empties require fewer truck trips for return transport. This relieves road traffic and improves the CO2 balance. The load carrier consists of 94 % air. The EPP used is a mono-material and fully recyclable.

Advantages at a glance: 

  •    Fewer truck journeys
  •     Reduced transport volume
  •     Improved CO2 balance
  •     100 % recyclable
  •     Consists of EPP as mono-material
EcoReturnBox FEURER SLC floor structure

Easy handling

Without folding, without collapsing and without disassembling. You only turn every second container and nest it in the countertote. And the direction of rotation does not matter at all. The ECO Return Box supports a lean production process without additional time expenditure. There are fewer runs of empties. Noticeably more efficient and clearer handling in the empties warehouse.

Advantages at a glance:  

  •     No folding, no collapsing, no disassembling
  •     Only every second box is rotated
  •     Volume reduction through stacking
  •     Fewer empty runs
  •     Less storage space
  •     Less handling effort
  •     Supports a lean production process

For healthy ergonomics at your workplace

The ECO Return Box consists of 94 % air. This results in a light weight and saves the workers’ energy. The handles are within optimum reach. So the load carriers can be easily moved, turned and stacked.

Advantages at a glance:  

  •     Light weight
  •     Turning over with one handle
  •     Two large handles
Load carrier for headlights

For a high packing density

Due to the low weight of the EPP container, more components can be packed without exceeding the ergonomic weight limit. A tight fit of the components and optimal protection are guaranteed in the usual way. The ECO Return Box is particularly suitable for large and heavy components, e.g. headlights, as an independent SLC.

Advantages at a glance: 

  •     High filling level
  •     High loading weight
  •     Optimal protection
Eco Return Box FEURER

Brilliant engineering design

Nestable, volume reduction in the stacking, vertical side walls, dimensionally stable and then even with individual holders for the components. How did we manage this?

With the idea of staggered side walls, we succeeded in nesting the containers. All containers are the same size. The rotation, left or right, does not matter. The serrations at the top and bottom guarantee a good grip of the full container stacks. In the empties stack, the base structures interlock with one another instead.

The conventional folding mechanism limits the height of an EPP container to the dimensions of the base area. The ECO Return Box works completely differently. Manufactured in one piece, with solid and stable side walls, there are almost no limits to the dimensions.

 Advantages at a glance: 

  •    Height of the side walls
  •     Offset side walls
  •     Top and bottom toothing
  •     Bottom structure
FEURER ECO Return Box KLT Datenblatt

ECO Return Box Product Data Sheet

All information summarized for you to download.

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