Inserts for large load carriers

Eco Return Box

The EPP special load carrier with somersault function saves 50 percent of empties volume. The inserts for standard lattice boxes are light, robust and made of one piece. With stable side walls and without folding mechanism. The volume reduction is achieved simply by a single rotary movement when stacking. This results in half the floor space in the truck and in the warehouse.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Best result in total cost comparison of load carrier concepts
  • For a consistent freight space optimization of empties
  • Simple system – no folding, no folding, no disassembling
  • For automotive components such as door seals, trim strips, cover panels, headlights and many more.
  • Available in another version as KLT for stacking on pallets

Textile dividers: TEXBAGS®

FEURER’s TEXBAGS® provide the ideal system for components with complex geometrics and delicate surfaces, allowing space-saving and ensuring protection during transportation. Free-form assimilation makes TEXBAG® the perfect modular packaging system, which can be seamlessly integrated in all small and large load carriers on the market. Lightweight, flexible and innovative – that’s the TEXBAGS® from the house of FEURER.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Very cost-effective
  • Maximum packing density
  • Saves transportation costs
  • Saves storage costs