Attractive and protective: Sleeves made from OPS or PET do not just aggregate products; they also provide ideal labelling and design options. The advantage they offer lies in their flexibility: Secondary products, free gifts or promotional material can be attached to the actual product securely and reliably using a sleeve. This results in attractive, reasonably priced promotional bundles. FEURER’s range includes single and multi-chamber variants – depending on the product and the task in question. An interesting variant for bottles or cans is constituted by full-body sleeves. These can be used to re-tag products. The product becomes more attractive, and the film gives the customer the assurance of an original product with the reassurance of a seal. The sleeve may be perforated to make it easy to open.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Perfect fit, complementing even complicated geometrics
  • Outstanding appearance by way of a high-quality printing process
  • Promotionally effective “Onpack” variant feasible