KÄNGABOX®FreshBlue Professional

Special edition thermobox for food safety and handling convenience

The blue colour combination means: everything in this thermobox stays fresh. Or more specifically, cold food stays cold,  and hot food stays hot, while spoilage is prevented . But not only the crisp blue colour is new: entirely in keeping with food safety, the special edition KÄNGABOX®Professional comes with new features. KÄNGABOX®FreshBlue Professional: the special […]

KÄNGABOX® Sonderedition 2017

KÄNGABOX® FreshBlue Professional with a new blue colour combination

The new blue colour combination of the box signals: Cold stays cold here, hot stays hot – and everything stays fresh. The special edition of the tried-and-tested thermal box made from 100 per cent EPP offers attractive benefits.

Shrink films for extreme packaging sizes

Not only logistical and ecological decisions are crucial for choosing a certain type of packaging. Safety, stability and aesthetic are important too. Shrink packaging offers an optimal solution for many products. At FEURER, this is also possible for extreme sizes.